New Puppy Combo

New Puppy Combo

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Got a new four-legged family member joining you for Christmas?

Get them off to the right start with everything they need to learn, play, and thrive. The New Puppy Combo includes:

5 pack of thin collagen sticks- While he won't be able to chew through them yet, they collagen sticks are the perfect perfect  solution to start teaching your little shark the difference between things that should be chewed on and things that should not be chewed on.  

1 Tearrible Tiny- We all know that witching hour for puppies happens every few hours. When you want to quickly tire out your baby while creating a lasting bond with him through play, Tearrible Tiny will be the perfect tool. Just put it out of reach when you are done playing. Just remember: Puppies are just like human babies- they explore the world with their mouths and we don't want to leave them unattended with any soft toy.

1 Tearrible Medium- As your pup grows, so will his strength. Tearrible Medium will provide the same amount of fun, but with larger detachable pieces and more pulling resistance. 

1 Bag of Duck Bites- Like every good doggy, it's important to learn some human words that will make both of your lives easier later. From basics like sit and paw, to more advanced commands like stay and leave it, Duck Bites come in perfect bite-sized pieces to provide a high value reward for getting things right.