Picky Chewer Combo Medium
yak chew medium
A photo of a hand holding a medium yak chew
Picky Chewer Combo Medium
Picky Chewer Combo Medium
Picky Chewer Combo Medium
Picky Chewer Combo Medium

Picky Chewer Combo Medium

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Perfect for medium and smaller large dogs.


3 Cow Cheek Rolls

6 bully braids (6")

2 Yak Chews

1 Free Bag of Baloomba PBJ Delights 

🎉 Unleash the Black Friday Chew-nanza! For the discerning chewer who turns up their nose at the ordinary, our door buster special is a symphony of flavor and texture. Brace yourselves for the Chew-trifecta!

🐾 First up, the Beef Cheek Rolls – the drama queens of the chew world. They start hard, puffed up like they've got a secret, and get softer with every nibble. It's like your dog is conducting a chewy orchestra, and the audience is in for a treat (of collagen, to be precise). Rated 6 out of 10 on chew strength.

🐄 Next on the olfactory adventure are the Bully Braids – a bouquet of scents only a dog could truly appreciate. While the human nose might hesitate, your canine friend will be in snifftopia heaven, savoring every aromatic twist of these 6-inch wonders. Rated 7 out of 10 on the chew strength.

🏔️ And the best for last: The Baloomba Yak Chews straight from the Nepalese mountains – where the air is thin, and the chews are as tough as the terrain. Even the toughest chewer's dreams are met with these Himalayan delights, each bite a journey through the peaks of canine satisfaction. Rated 9 out of 10 on the chew strength.

🥪 But that's not all! As the pièce de résistance, we present the PBJ Delights – a 5 oz bag of heavenly-smelling, mouthwatering treats perfect for high-reward training. Because every great chewer deserves a reward that's as delightful as their taste adventures. Rated 11 out of 10 on deliciousness scale. 

Don't miss out on this door buster special! Grab yours now and let the feasting begin!