Baloomba Collagen Stix - 6 Inch Jumbo 5 Pack - Special Offer

Baloomba Collagen Stix - 6 Inch Jumbo 5 Pack - Special Offer

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Great for large dogs and medium dogs who prefer thicker chews. 

Product Highlights:

Baloomba Beef Collagen Stix for Dogs

A product from our sister company, Baloomba Treats, Baloomba Rawhide-Free Collagen Stix are a fantastic choice for boredom-busting & chewing needs. Crafted from the inner layer of beef skin, these all-natural collagen sticks offer a host of benefits for your beloved pet.


Rawhide-Free Chews: These chews are crafted from the inner layer of beef skin, providing a long-lasting and highly digestible alternative to traditional rawhide.

Promotes Healthy Joints and Hips: Natural beef collagen supports your dog's joint health, mobility, and flexibility. Additionally, it enhances their skin health and leaves their coat looking shiny and vibrant.

Natural and Nutrient-Packed: Our collagen sticks are 100% beef, grain-free, and rich in peptides and amino acids to help with muscle rebuilding and repair.

Gut Health: These treats contain nutrients that combat inflammation and are free from harmful additives, hormones, or unhealthy chemicals.

Dental Health: The chewing action naturally scrapes away plaque, making them great for dental hygiene and a satisfying chew for medium to large-sized dogs at any life stage.

Product Details:

Baloomba 6-Inch Thick Beef Collagen Sticks are crafted from a single sheet of collagen-rich beef skin known as corium. They offer a multitude of benefits for your canine, starting with natural dental care. Furthermore, the easily digestible collagen is converted into essential amino acids, aiding in muscle repair, reducing inflammation, and promoting bone and joint health. Your dog's skin and coat will also benefit, leaving them looking and feeling their best. Baloomba collagen beef sticks are a long-lasting, low-odor chew that is a great way to keep your dog occupied when you don't have time to actively play with them. 

Product Details:

Origin: Sourced from USA Beef, processed in Mexico, and packaged in the USA.

Ingredients: 100% Beef Corium

Important Tips:

Supervision: Always supervise your dog when giving them treats.

Introducing New Treats: If your pet has never had a particular treat before, introduce it gradually (one every three days).

Feeding Recommendation: We recommend a maximum of one collagen stick per day once your pet is accustomed to them.

Hydration: Ensure your pet has access to plenty of fresh water at all times.

Hand Hygiene: Wash your hands after handling any chew or treat.

Storage: Store the treats in a dry place at room temperature.