Baloomba Chickie Nugs
Baloomba Chickie Nugs
Chickie Nuggs - 8oz
Chickie Nuggs - 12oz

Baloomba Chickie Nugs

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Meet Chickie Nugs: The Tail-Wagging Goodness

Wholesome Vibes, Wholesome Bites

Chickie Nugs aren't your run-of-the-mill dog treats – they're a tiny celebration of happiness for your furkid. Artfully crafted with love in small batches, these training treats boast a party of flavors featuring real chicken,  chicken gizzards, and oats – that's it! Because your dog deserves the VIP treatment.

Why Chickie Nugs?

- Training is a whole lot more fun with Chickie Nugs! These high value treats are pint-sized perfection, making them a breeze to handle and a snap to reward during those teachable moments. Whether it's "sit," "stay," or a high-five, Chickie Nugs turn every trick into a treat.

- We're all about your dog's happiness, inside and out. That's why we've tossed in oats, the secret ingredient for a happy tummy. Chickie Nugs not only taste like a party but also keep your pup's digestion on the right track. Because a happy puppy starts from the inside!

- No Mystery Ingredients – Just Paw-licking Goodness. We're all about keeping it real. Our Chicken & Oat Training Treats are a treat with no tricks – no fillers, no additives. Just pure goodness that supports your dog's training journey with high-quality lean protein from USA-raised chicken. 

- Nutrient Fiesta for a Top Dog:  Chicken brings the health benefits to the party, promoting muscle health and a fab physique. Rolled oats add the fiber flair, keeping things moving smoothly in the digestion department and giving your dog the energy to keep the good times rolling.

- Made in the USA – Chickie Nugs are made with chicken born and raised in the USA. Quality and transparency are our BFFs, and we wouldn't give your dog anything we don't feed ours, so you can trust that your dog's treat game is top-notch.

Add to cart and get your pup ready for a treat that's not just tasty but a downright blast! Chickie Nugs – where every moment with your dog is a pawty waiting to happen.